Trust in Australian public services: 2022 Annual Report


Snapshot of the survey

  • Over 43,000 responses collected
  • Running since March 2019
  • Feedback on Australian public services, also known as Federal, National or Commonwealth services
  • Feedback on all public services used in the past year
  • Robust and reliable results
    • Quality assured by the Australian Bureau of Statistics
    • Independent review of methodology by ANU Centre for Social Research in 2019
    • Tested through two pilots
  • People-centred approach asking about life events and services support

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Snapshot of the 2022 report

  • Results shown are from responses collected monthly from July 2021 to June 2022.
  • Data collected from +1,000 people each month
  • Reporting on Over 12,000 responses
  • Nationally representative sample including gender, age and location.
  • Report shows feedback on 12 public services including Centrelink, Medicare and the Australian Taxation Office

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Key insights in the 2022 report


  • Most people trust Australian public services and believe they will change to meet Australians’ needs in the future
  • Trust in public services increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • People trust public services more when they have used them
  • Trust is high across all services but it varies significantly by service agency


  • Three in four people are satisfied and getting what they need from public services
  • Public servants are mostly seen to act professionally and make people feel respected
  • Although most people are satisfied with services, experiences vary by service agency
  • Satisfaction across most services increased in 2021 during the pandemic

Life events

  • Levels of trust and satisfaction vary across life events
  • Public services support people during life events, with employment support being the most common