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APS reform is under way, and some exciting changes are happening that will help build a stronger Australian Public Service (APS) that embodies integrity in everything it does, puts people and business at the centre of policy and services, is a model employer, and has the capability to do its job well.

It's important that you have your say in these changes.

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Developing the National Housing and Homelessness Plan

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We will create a purpose statement to help build a strong understanding of the APS's role. This is important because the APS is more than a broad institution, it needs to have a strong identity.

- Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, Minister for the Public Service

There are enormous benefits to encouraging joined-up outcomes, particularly as policy problems become more interconnected and dependent on the efforts of multiple actors.

– Melbourne School of Government, submission to the Independent Review of the APS

I hope this results in a celebration of public service. I think that being a public servant is a worthy and dignified vocation and I would be proud to have this as a common purpose that unites us.

– Submission to the Independent Review of the APS

Understanding the larger purpose of the APS and your agency's and team's role in meeting that purpose are important drivers of engagement and therefore job satisfaction and work performance.

– Submission to the Independent Review of the APS

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