Recommendation: 28

Recommendation: 28APS to provide robust advice to the Government that integrates and balances the social, economic and security pressures facing AustraliansOverall status: Underway
Thodey guidanceStatusDelivery on Thodey
PM&C to coordinate regular whole-of-government scenario planning exercises to identify social, economic and security pressures and possible approaches and actions.UnderwayStrategic foresight will address the need for an integrated cross-cutting policy approach to foresight, to enable the APS to meet and provide advice on a range of cross-cutting future challenges, including technological, societal and geopolitical shifts that will impact Australia and our society. The model needs to be adaptable and transferrable to a wide range of issues. Strategic foresight capability is a major input to the delivery of the Long-Term Insights Briefings.
PM&C to establish a cross-disciplinary Integrated Strategy Office to provide integrated advice on complex policy issuesCompleteThe Government allocated $10.9 million over two years for an in-house consulting service within PM&C that can deliver high quality strategic consulting services to the APS. The service (now known as Australian Government Consulting) has already commenced operation and is funded to deliver 15 projects over the next two years. It will produce Guidance on Engaging External Consultants.
Secretaries Board to establish a Committee on Integrated Strategy to support Cabinet consideration of cross-portfolio issues.ClosedThe APS continues to support Cabinet consideration of cross-portfolio issues through well-established Cabinet processes, including the Priority and Delivery Committee of Cabinet which focuses on oversight and delivery of key Government policies and programs. Establishment of a bespoke Secretaries Board Committee for this purpose is not required to continue this support.