Australian Public Service Reform: Annual progress report 2023

Secretary’s foreword

The Australian Public Service (APS) Reform agenda is about an APS known for its integrity, respected for its thoughtful care of public resources, trusted for its commitment to citizens.

The APS Reform agenda centres on values, capability and accountability as the core of a great public service. The first phase of reform focused on the cultural, structural and legislative foundations of a professional, ethical public service.

The work ahead looks to an APS which can sustain long-term capability while responding quickly to national priorities. I know this is achievable because I see it often – in individual public servants who exemplify APS Values through their work, and in public organisations which manage policy and implementation with skill and determination.

Australians can have great confidence in their public service. As stewards of the APS, we seek to do the right thing at the right time, guided by a deep commitment to Australia’s democratic institutions. It is our job to make good choices which meet these high standards.

The Spirit of Service exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy celebrates the diversity of public service. In portraits and stories of individuals working in a wide range of APS organisations, the exhibition is the story of honourable people pursing an honourable mission in the interest of the country. It is a compelling glimpse of the spirit of service that has shaped our reform agenda, and will spur our efforts into the future.

The following pages testify to that same spirit of service and stewardship, with integrity at its core, which will continue to drive the transformative and ongoing process of APS Reform.

Professor Glyn Davis AC  
Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet