Decoding APS Reform for HR professionals

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Take this opportunity to stay on top of, adapt to, and successfully implement the changes.

If you work in HR, change management, corporate or communications, you will be a part of rolling out APS Reform.

It’s important to understand how the changes will affect staff and agencies, what the transition will involve, and how to support everyone through it.

Where we’re headed

When viewed through the lens of its 4 pillars—building integrity, putting people at the centre of policy and services, and creating a model workplace, with a capable and skilled workforce—it is clear that APS Reform is a priority for the Australian Government, and that we all have a role to play.

How we get there

With 59 initiatives under the APS Reform agenda, it is important you know what needs to be actioned under each of them, and how to do this in your agency.

To support this, the APS Reform Office is taking part in a series of discussions with other agencies and staff.

Watch the latest webinar

Watch the latest webinar on ‘Decoding APS Reform for HR Professionals’ to hear from APSC panellists:

  • Anna Ryan, Assistant Commissioner, APS Reform
  • Clare McLean, Director, Integrity and Ethics
  • Mali Stanton, Director, Future of Work.

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