The Charter of Partnerships and Engagement

The Charter of Partnerships and Engagement is a set of 6 principles. It will help us strengthen public trust, and support quality engagement between the APS and all people, communities, non-government sectors, academia and industry. It’s our promise to Australian communities about how we’ll work and interact with them and it applies to all staff partnering and engaging across the APS. 

  1. Be open: Be open to engaging with a diverse range of perspectives to inform policy and program development, so those affected can have a genuine opportunity to have their say. 
  2. Be responsive: Be willing to try new approaches to make sure engagements are fit for purpose, culturally appropriate, adaptable and outcomes-focused. 
  3. Be transparent: Build trust by acting with integrity, being open and honest about expectations, roles, responsibilities, limitations, objectives and processes. 
  4. Be accountable: Share information, take responsibility for commitments made and inform people and communities on how they contributed to the final decision. 
  5. Be informed: Underpin decision-making with the effective and ethical use of data, research and insights, informed by lived experience, history and context.
  6. Be collaborative: Encourage and build relationships through respectful collaboration, and partner with communities, businesses, academia, industry and other sectors, to achieve the best outcomes.

Download The Charter of Partnerships and Engagement