Boosting First Nations Employment in the APS – SES100

Results from the first SES100 recruitment round are in, with early indications surpassing expectations. 

The APS Reform initiative aims to increase representation of First Nations SES leaders in the APS from 54 to 100 by mid-2025, in the latest update this has increased to 68.

The First Nations Employment Unit leads the Government’s commitment to increase First Nations employment across the APS to 5 percent by 2030. They’re developing new employment opportunities and initiatives to address known barriers to recruitment, retention and advancement of First Nations people. They’re co-designing talent development pipelines to better support emerging First Nations talent at the EL2 and SES Band 1 levels.

The SES100 initiative makes sure First Nations voices and perspectives are heard and lead key decision making. 

The APS First Nations cultural capability and boosting First Nations employment initiatives are making changes to key aspects of recruitment to better employ and retain First Nations employees. 

While progress has been made, there’s still more work ahead.

To find out more visit the APS reform website.

Artwork: Australian Public Service Commission by Chern’ee Sutton (Kalkadoon)