APS Vision for user-centred service excellence

A shared vision for user-centred service excellence for the APS will help make clear what the public service aspires to for APS employees and the public. 

Services Australia is leading the way to understand what great service means to the Australian public. Their mission was to create a shared vision for user-centred service excellence. The vision will apply to all APS agencies and staff. 

A diverse group of people from the Australian community helped Services Australia create the vision: Reliable and accessible services, when and how you need them.

Participants contributed important insights on the elements and how it was written. They said they didn’t want a vision that sounded like it was written by staff, for staff. They chose words to carefully reflect an authentic vision that was realistic for today.

Attributes like ‘connected,’ ‘seamless,’ and ‘personalised’ were seen as aspirational and unachievable in a short timeframe. Participants wanted the vision to be short, clear and believable. They decided reliability and accessibility were the most important attributes, and this was validated by data from the Trust in Australian Public Services survey.